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Who is SOS Moving Management Corp.
SOS Moving Management Corp. has managed relocations for seniors since 1992. Our goal is to manage your needs during the rightsizing process. If the time has come for you to move  to a new location, SOS has a variety of services that will ease the entire process. To gain your trust, we offer a complimentary in-home consultation. We can assess your situation and help you find the resources and services to make your transition as smooth as possible. As we prioritize your next big step in life, we walk you through your new journey with care and compassion so that everything transitions properly. In this time of your life we realize the need to ease stress and allow this experience to be graceful.

We understand that a later life move is NOT just another move. Many of our clients are needing "hands on" help with the home rightsizing and moving process.  There are many services available that our clients can pick and choose from. With just one phone call we can offer full support with every step of the way.  Remember....rightsizing and moving should NOT an event, it should be a smooth process. 

This site contains information about us so you can be familiar with SOS before you pick up the phone. We want you to feel comfortable knowing you are working with professionals that empathize with this time in your life. We understand that change is challenging and we realize the need for our support.
Site Mailing List 

SOS Moving Management Corp.
10630 NE Halsey
Portland, OR 97220
Phone: 503-254-0514
Email: info@seniorone.com